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For over twenty years, Raico has been A MAJOR GRAMMER PARTNER for the sale and supply of seats for tractors, earthmoving machines, fork-lift trucks, buses and lorries and of spare parts and accessories.

Thanks to its long-term partnership with Grammer, Raico has acquired more technical know-how in the driver’s seat segment than any other operator and is also able to provide safety and workstation consultancy.http://sediligrammer.raico.it/sedili/macchine-mt-e-da-cantiere?utm_source=raico_it&utm_medium=link&utm_content=title&utm_campaign=raico2sedili

Seats play a big part in reducing the vibrations that reach the driver  and must provide him/her with perfect support, above all considering the operations he/she has to perform and the positions he/she has to assume.



Seats for Farm Machines and tractors


Seats for Earthmoving Machinery


Seats for Fork-Lift Trucks


Seats for Trucks


Seats for Buses, Coaches


Seats for Boats, motorboats


Seat Accessories


In every part of the world, GRAMMER Seating Systems designs, develops and manufactures driver and passenger seats for tractors, construction vehicles, fork-lift trucks, lorries, buses, trains and boats.

GRAMMER Seating Systems follow the “Design for use” philosophy and this means the seats are made to be ergonomic, easy to use, comfortable and safe.
Thanks to ongoing innovation, GRAMMER is the world’s leading manufacturer of seats for off-road vehicles, and one of the major manufacturers of seats for farm machinery, lorries, buses and trains.
If your work environment is in the driver’s seat of a work vehicle, whether a farm tractor, an earthmoving machine, a fork-lift truck, a lorry or a bus, then Raico is the right consultant for you, always by your side with utmost professionalism and accuracy in choosing what is your most important work tool.